El-Shaddai Worship Sanctuary

Ps. Sunil Mahade

Sunil Mahade is the pastor-in-charge of El-Shaddai Worship Sanctuary at Hubli city in Karnataka State, India. He, his wife Mala and his two daughters Natasha and Nikita serve the Lord whole heartedly in the church.

How he got saved 

He was an atheist. From his school days he had a desire to become a scientist. So he developed an aversion towards the things related to God. But he had an unholy interest and fear about the evil spirits. Yet he used to act like a religious person, going to the church with his family regularly. Religiously he used to read the Bible, pray, celebrate the festivals, etc. just to satisfy his traditional parents. 

An old man used to visit his house almost every week. He would speak to them about the Bible and ask them if they were saved. He used to avoid this old preacher especially at end of the prayer meeting. Because he asked them if they had Jesus in their hearts. One day, as usual he asked him if he died & had to meet God, what if He rejected him and He sent him to hell since he was not saved. That night a fear about hell gripped him. That same night, he knelt down & asked Jesus to forgive him & come into his heart and make him His own. God surely did that to him. He became born again.


The Call

Because of the love for Jesus, he began to reach out to unsaved people and tell them about Jesus. Sure enough, people began to respond and got saved. They became a group of people who would worship the Lord Jesus and study His word. They began to grow. They knew he was called to minister to people. So he gave up his studies and got into the ministry.

The Ministry

Since then, he has ministered to all sorts of people and they are now a church at his native place, Hubli city. Thus he founded the El-Shaddai Worship Sanctuary in the year 1985. He has been called to be an apostle, pastor and a teacher to minister in the church and outside. He has ministered in the churches and outside, in the country and abroad. So far he has visited UAE, Oman, The Netherlands and Singapore. God has moved in these places mightily. He has extensively ministered to the sick, suffering and the people who are bound with bondages & curses. Many people have testified that they were blessed, healed and delivered as never before. His main thrust is to train, equip and encourage the people to serve the Body of Christ more effectively. He moves in the gifts of the Holy Spirit to minister in a personal way & also in the corporal way. Through his ministry many men and a few women have been raised and commissioned to various ministries.

He is serving the Lord since he accepted the Lord Jesus as his Saviour & Lord in the year 1972. He is in full time ministry as a pastor since 1980. He is anointed to minister to the people who are bound with bondages & curses (in the Christian context).