We believe that the Bible comprised only of the 66 books, is the inspired, authoritative, inerrant, and the only infallible word of God; preserved by God, and provided to mankind to educate them in God's Word, to lead them to faith and repentance, and as a guide to all true Christians to follow in daily living.

We believe that there is but one eternally existent God whom humanity knows in His three Personages: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; these three identities being descriptive of the same one true God;

The scripture alone is our final authority in every area of life, because it is the Word of God;

Christ alone
, in his perfect life and atoning death in the sinner's place, is the basis for our acceptance by God;

The grace of God alone
in Christ, not works of human merit or effort, is how God saves sinners;

Faith alone
is the means by which sinners receive or appropriate this grace of God; and

To God alone be the glory
for saving sinners and for everything else in this life and the life to come, eternal.