Daily activities

Morning Glory Prayer 6:00 am

Weekly Programe Sunday—Worship service at 9.00am

Tuesday — Men’s Fellowship
Wednesday — Cell Leaders’ Training.
Thursday — Bible study for all.
Friday — Cottage Meeting
Saturday – Fasting Prayer.

Monthly program

1st Tuesday– Prayer Warriors’ Training.
2nd Tuesday—Men’s Fellowship.
3rd Tuesday—Worship Leaders’ Training.
4th Tuesday—Men’s Fellowship.


1. Worship Training
2. Care cell leaders’ training
3. Spiritual parenting training.
4. Intercessory prayer training


1. Children ministry.
2. Youth ministry
3. Men’s Fellowship
4. Women’s Fellowship


1. Dealing with inner things.
2. How one will get into the bondage and be delivered.
3. Inner /Soul tie Healings and Deliverance.
4. Blessing and curses.